Your Guide to Buying a New Phone System for Your Business!

Time Business Systems is available to discuss with you multiple phone system options that will best serve your business and turn your office phone system into a productivity tool increasing your customer’s experience and in turn profits for your business.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself when preparing for a new office phone system purchase:

  1. What is the best choice of phone lines and how many will best serve your business?  Whether it’s regular CO Lines, T1, PRI, VoIP, or Hosted Service, Time Business Systems can help you sort it all out. Through our existing partnerships with carriers and agencies, we can place and manage orders for your business. TBS works with CenturyLink, Comcast, and many other providers to get the right choice for your business.
  2. How many phone instruments will you need in your business to best serve your employees and your customers? As a rule of thumb, each employee will require a telephone as well as strategically placed phones in a lobby, conference room, warehouse, break room, kitchen, warehouse, or any other area where your staff may need to answer or place calls.
  3. Would you benefit from remote phones in branch office locations, remote worker locations, executive homes and vacation homes? Time Business Systems has many customers that have implemented remote telephones connected to office systems which provide seamless connectivity to branch locations to provide a smooth customer experience without having to hang-up and call another number to reach a staff member.
  4. If you could integrate your cell phone with your business telephone system, would this be a benefit and provide immediate connectivity to mobile staff members? With today’s technology, cell phones can operate as extensions of your in-office phone system providing the benefit of transferring calls directly to cell phones.
  5. Would your business benefit from voice mail that also sent you an email where you can listen to your voicemail messages? In today’s world of voice mail messages, many of our customers like retrieving voicemail messages on their cell phones or computers while out of the office.
  6. Would your business benefit from an Auto Attendant which will answer calls to your business 24/7 and allow calls to be transferred to individuals in and out of the office? Auto Attendants have replaced receptionist and allow calls to reach individuals in and out of the office.
  7. Does your phone system provide growth for your business? In buying a new office phone system, you will want to think about how your business will grow over the next 7-10 years.
  8. What about additions to your phone system that will serve your business and staff members to provide maximum productivity for your business? Think about other phone related products that will serve your business and your customers in turn. Consider additional products and services such as overhead paging, cordless telephones, music or message on hold, headsets, door intercom boxes, and door lock devices.

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