Each part of your business relies on the phone and data communication bolstered by cabling for the internal and external transactions.

Updated high-quality network cabling can help you with your current and future communication needs.

The importance of reliable network cabling for your Denver business is continually growing.

As a result, many companies are finding that in order to meet their needs, an upgrade to their infrastructure is necessary.

Is your network breaking down? Do you have a slow and inconsistent internet connection? Outdated network cabling and equipment can be the cause of these problems.

We will review the five most important reasons to upgrade your network.

1. Performance Matters

As the number of devices in your network has grown over time, performance or reliability issues may become apparent. If you still have an old network, there is a good chance that it will not be able to support technological changes in your workforce today and certainly not in the future.

As your business grows you must have future-reliable network technology.

2. They are Costly to Maintain

The need to constantly fix your network cabling can be costly. Network equipment, such as cables, have their own service life. If you exceed that, you will experience some problems with your network’s speed and functionality.

Frequently fixing your network cabling can be costly. If you want to save your assets and invest in the more integral needs of your business, you must upgrade your network cables and permanently fix all the issues.

3. Reliability Suffers

As companies begin utilizing unified and multimedia communications over IP, including phones, video, and IM, the reliability of the internet connection from a high-quality router will be necessary for reliability. Its default settings can be later adjusted and fine-tuned to effectively control a company’s traffic to the internet.

4. Network Downtime

Downtime costs are at the expense of your company. Not having a reliable network can result in loss of business or employee time to get the IT systems running continually. Or you may need to call in a company to fix the problem.

All of these scenarios will cost your company one way or another.

Technology is continually moving into the future, and that means devices are getting smaller and quicker with an expanded limit to their capacity and functionality.

For your business to compete now and in the future, contact us for a free quote to upgrade your cabling.

5. Security is Very Important

In a world of hackers, threats and targeted attacks the security of your network should be top of mind.

As traffic is carried over the same cable and becoming increasingly unified, ensuring your organization has a dedicated firewall will become increasingly important.

There are numerous network devices that are available in the market that features an integrated firewall and router.

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