Old phone systems do not help small businesses facilitate growth.

Countless small businesses are still using archaic business phone systems. Instead of joining the digital age, they rely on what they have on their desk. These old systems are inadequate for not only the company’s needs but also their customers’.

Some small businesses may fear taking the plunge into a cloud-based business phone system. They may not fully understand how these types of business phone systems keep customers, employees, and different locations connected…all with one system!

Here are a few ways that small businesses are held back when using pre-digital phone systems.

1. Cost

Small business owners want to make a profit. One way that will not happen is if you are paying more for a traditional PBX phone system instead of a cloud system. Traditional business phone systems cost more for installation and maintenance than even the most basic cloud packages.

2. Control

Business phone systems in Denver that use the cloud, offer the ability to set up multiple options when someone calls and no one is working. Call re-direction to a qualified staff member that can handle the customers’ questions is a viable option. Using a tradition system, when a call comes in it can go unanswered, answered by someone lacking qualifications, or sent to voicemail; all of which can negatively affect customer service and your business.

3. Single use

Having the ability to take calls is essential in any business. A traditional phone system lacks the flexibility of communication methods needed in today’s world. A cloud system gives businesses the ability to offer faxing, texting, voicemail, email notifications, as well as auto-recording of calls. These options provide more efficient business practices.

4. Lengthy installation

Traditional PBX (private branch exchange) phone systems require excessive hardware, a lengthy period for installation, and knowledgeable specialists. With the cloud, it is relatively easy and simple to move your business. Of course, our knowledgeable technicians can install a PBX system if need be!

5. No flexibility

Traditional phone systems lack flexibility because unless a business is open 24/7 calls will go unanswered. Cloud systems offer countless options like auto receptionists and extensions to departments and staff that are not in the office.

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