Any business knows that productivity is key to growth. Productivity is a main driving factor which will allow your business to not only stay in business but also experience growth year over year. Here are 6 ways to boost and improve office productivity and performance which will, in turn, allow you to realize higher profits, more output, and less money being wasted on lost productivity and performance.

  1. Promotes employee happiness: Focus on building a positive company culture for everyone. The general mood of a workplace has a huge effect on overall productivity. Workers that constantly operate under high-stress conditions are found to be less productive, and have higher levels of disengagement and absenteeism, according to some studies. The idea of happiness in the workplace ties into the idea that a positive workplace culture is important for keeping employees motivated and productive. Continually assess whether or not your employees feel as if there is too much on their plate, and try to alleviate the overwork build-up whenever possible by filling any gaps with new employees, and streamlining processes.
  2. Hire skilled management to help employees: Make sure you onboard management successfully. One study found that the number one factor that negatively impacted productivity was poor management, with 58% of surveyed employees citing poor management as the primary factor negatively impacting their productivity. Good managers aren’t always enough; effective leadership needs to be coupled with well-structured streamlined processes. Clearly defined, streamlined processes make a workplace run more smoothly, and avoids misunderstandings. With effective management and a clear procedural structure in place, you’re more likely to keep your employees working productively.
  3. Try new technology: Make an effort to research new, innovative technology in your field. This might mean anything from switching to an automated online payroll system to a new phone system.
  4. Hire skilled workers: Hiring highly-skilled people—and investing in training your current staff—makes a workplace more productive. They will also have an easier time learning new technologies and office processes.
  5. Encourage “single-tasking”: Focusing on one task can increase productivity. Studies show that multi-tasking is less efficient and does not breed productivity. The best strategies for establishing a “single-tasking” habit will be different for each employee, but by encouraging them to focus all their attention on one specific task before moving on to the next, you’ll be able to increase performance, as well as overall productivity.
  6. Clean up: A clean work environment allows for a clear mind to work at a much higher level of clarity. Whether you have a cubical office design or a more open concept; requiring all areas of the office to be clear on either a weekly or daily basis should be a must. Give your employees 10-15 minutes to clean their area at the end of every day I’m sure most people will be happy to do so!

This can be a lot of “change” for any office. Start by assessing the current state of your employees. What do they personally feel is the biggest hurdle in terms of productivity? Use their feedback to outline a productivity strategy, and implement it step by step. Work slowly towards your goals and you’ll be on your way to an office that runs more smoothly, and is more productive!