Customer satisfaction is an integral part of any business.

Offering great customer service not only builds a loyal and happy customer base but can be a powerful marketing tool to drive referral business. The best way to deliver amazing service is to listen, build trust and be responsive to your customers’ needs.

Are you doing everything you can to make sure your customers have a positive experience with your business? If there’s a chance you’re not, here are six things you can do about it.

  1. Carefully listen. Make sure employees are listening to customers more than they are talking. Great service isn’t about forcing a solution that doesn’t work. Balance expertise with listening to customer concerns, then provide a solution that works based on your customer’s needs and one that they are comfortable with.
  2. Build trust. Go the extra mile for your client to build loyalty, trust, and long-standing customer relationships. Trust develops from the first contact all the way through service/support. It’s important to deliver on promises, quickly address complaints, be transparent by sharing information and resolve issues fast. These actions separate you from your competition, while also building and maintaining trust and confidence in your company.
  3. Respond promptly. Customers want service, and they want it fast. Even if the full answer can’t be delivered immediately, always get back to them the same day. Keep the customer up to date on the process, and make sure they understand everyone is doing their best to ensure their issue is being addressed quickly and completely.
  4. Be accommodating. Sometimes customers can drop the ball just as often as companies. While it can be easy to get aggravated, it’s more important to be understanding and accommodate a customer’s needs. Keep in mind that every happy customer is a potential brand ambassador for your business.
  5. Make customer service #1. To ensure a great client experience, make customer service an important company value. Highlight the importance of customer service to all of your employees. Keeping customers feeling they’re valued is important to having and keeping a happy customer.
  6. Keep employees happy. Focus on making employees happy, and in turn, they will make your customers happy.  Make business training and support part of your company’s culture. Consider giving rewards and recognition when applicable. What’s happening on the inside of the organization is felt on the outside by your customers.

A good customer service experience can open the loop for repeat business. It turns your one-time customers into long-term or regular patrons. Not only this, but happy customers can bring new customers by referrals. Thus, customer satisfaction yields a win-win situation both for the customers as well as for your business.

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