In 2017, 43 percent of the U.S. workforce reported they work remotely at least part of the time. That number is up from 39 percent as reported in 2012.

No longer is “not having space” for a position a reason to hold back the growth of your company. Utilizing technology and rethinking the traditional office environment can increase your business and offer new opportunities.

Regardless of whether you can jump head first into offering the option of a remote workforce, explore these reasons why it could work either now or in the near future for your company.

Increases Productivity

Worried your employees will just lie around in their PJs and watch TV all day? Well, a 2-Year Stanford Study shows the astonishing productivity boost of working from home.

Working remotely can limit distractions from being in an office environment and increase how productive an employee is. Plus, it can allow your team members to focus on the task at hand. As work flexibility is becoming increasingly important, create a work environment that supports evolving employee needs.

Happier Employees

Happy workers tend to work hard, respond quickly to requests, and offer ideas to help the business grow and prosper. Keeping remote workers content and productive isn’t so hard – according to a TINYpulse survey. In fact, they report being happier than full-time employees.

But, that still doesn’t mean that they don’t pose an unusual challenge. Provide a platform for effective communication and engagement to remind them they are part of the team and are a valued employee.

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Unlimited Talent Pool

You want the best employees possible, but what happens when the best doesn’t live in your city and they do not want to relocate? Having your talent pool open to areas outside of where your office is located gives you access to people you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

This becomes particularly important when looking for that person with the right skill set but may not be living in your part of the country. With a remote setup, you open up the opportunity to find the perfect fit, not someone you had to settle for in your area.

Work-Life Harmony

Work-life harmony is meant to increase well-being and employee engagement by having a symbiotic relationship between work and home life.

To live harmoniously is to be present in the moment. This way your employees can give their full attention to what they’re doing and can focus on that specific moment.

“If it’s family time, don’t think about work. When at work, focus on the job at hand, not something else.”

Working remotely can encourage employees to take care of their “home” needs when appropriate while becoming more focused and engaged at work.

Technology that supports remote workers

New research from Intermedia identifies how technology is redefining the workplace, workday, and workforce. Their Workplace Communications Report looks at how companies can utilize technology to foster a more collaborative, productive, and accessible workplace, all while helping attract/retain top talent.

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