Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, offers phone technology using broadband internet connections. VoIP offers many advantages over traditional phone service. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to ditch your landline, here are some common advantages of VoIP.

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VoIP costs less.

Because VoIP uses the free and open Internet to complete your call, the overhead for VoIP is far less than that of a traditional phone line provider. When there’s less overhead, a company can offer its service for less, and that’s exactly what VoIP does.

VoIP is easy to install.

Traditional phone lines require a professional installation to get your service up and running. That’s not necessary with VoIP. Time Business Systems walks you through the entire process, and you can have your phone system up and running very quickly.

VoIP is portable.

With VoIP, your phone system is not tied to any one location. This makes it very easy to place your phones anywhere they need to be, as well as easily move them from one location to another. You can also access your phone system even when you’re at home through web-based services and apps. For frequent travelers, VoIP makes a lot more sense than a traditional landline.

VoIP offers lots of features.

With VoIP, you’re no longer limited to basic phone services and forced to pay extra for additional needed functionality. Our VoIP systems provide you with call blocking, call waiting and caller ID, encrypted communications, voicemail and high-definition-quality calls. You can even control and monitor your phone system through a web-based portal.

VoIP supports your old phone equipment.

You don’t need new equipment in order to take advantage of VoIP’s great features! Through special devices called ATAs — short for analog telephone adapters — your conference room speaker or fax machine can be connected to your VoIP system with little effort.

VoIP is customizable.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their phone service. With a traditional phone line, you’re limited in where you can place a phone, what services you get and many other factors. But VoIP gives you a variety of ways to connect communications devices to your phone system, whether it be wirelessly, Bluetooth, or through app-based services on your computer or mobile phone. The possibilities are endless, and you just can’t get that with a traditional phone system.

Starting a new business? Relocating? Have an outdated phone system? We offer different VoIP office phone systems to meet your company size and needs.

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