In today’s culture of texts, emails, and endless apps to help simplify communication, it almost seems that the lowly telephone has been forgotten.

If you own a business, your phone is still a vital tool to communicate in person, in real-time and hear each other’s voice.

Phone communication may be slower than its new-media counterparts, but it still has benefits in an increasingly impersonal world.

The main thing missing in today’s world of electronic communication is relationships.

Many business people lament that emails they sent were misinterpreted because unfortunately, you cannot imply “tone” in an email. When people are upset, angry or happy, we can hear that in their voice when they speak to us, but when they put their words into print something is lost.

A phone call is even more personal because you can have a real two-way conversation, ask questions, and convey a sense of professional courtesy in a warm and casual manner.

Communicating with a large group

Conference calls bring people together from all over an organization at a fraction of the cost of travel and meeting facilities. This is a great way to have everyone be a part of the conversation and voice their opinion. Participants can have clearer discussions as a result.

Communication is easier

Good business people know that proposals, data, and services are just one part of client interaction. A phone call creates better communication and a more positive experience for both you and your client.

Phones are still the best tool for effective customer service.

People prefer to speak to someone when they have an issue or concern. If you want to provide excellent customer service, do not neglect your business phone system. It is still a critical customer service tool and helps maintain quality business relationships.

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In a world where texts and emails seem to rule, a friendly voice on the other end of a phone delivers on a more personal note and one that is most surely welcomed by your customers.