One of the latest trends in the world of business communications is the use of fiber optic cabling instead of traditional copper cables.

There are a number of advantages that fiber optic cabling offers which is grabbing the attention of many local business owners. However, it is important to fully understand what you are getting with this type of network cabling. When it comes to the installation of fiber optic cabling, Denver businesses turn to Time Business Systems, the local company they can trust.

What Is Fiber Optic Cabling?

It is a special type of cable that is made up of bundles of optical fibers which carry data in the form of light. These fibers are usually made of either glass or plastic and the bundle is housed within a protective sleeve or coating, much like any other type of cable.

It has some substantial advantages over other more traditional types of cable. One of these advantages is that it has a much greater bandwidth allowing it to carry more data. These cables are also less prone to interference, making the quality of data better. This is one of the key reasons why fiber optic cabling is becoming a popular choice for business networks.

Why Choose Time Business Systems?

Over the years, Time Business Systems has built a stellar reputation as the top cabling installer serving Denver and the Front Range. Years of experience and extensive training gives our technicians the skill needed to handle any cabling task.

We also specialize in business phone systems for large and small offices!

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