Vertical-LG SBX IP Phone Systems

Vertical-LG SBX IP Phone Systems
Vertical-LG SBX IP Phone Systems2018-04-17T15:35:47+00:00

You don’t need to be big to take advantage of advanced VoIP technology.

A Vertical-LG SBX IP Phone System is the cost-effective system that makes VoIP affordable and easy to install. So now your small business can communicate and collaborate like never before.

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 Slash your time to success.

SBX IP delivers complete VoIP capability in one converged, compact package, helping your organization immediately become nimbler, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable.

­­Robust telephony features.

SBX IP provides hundreds of telephony features. Features like Call Forward, SMDR, VoIP, Internal/External Paging and Least Cost Routing.

The converged communications system for small businesses who think big.

More than a phone system, the Vertical SBX IP gives you the same level of communications applications and business benefits typically reserved for large enterprises.

The Vertical SBX IP system has the scalability to accommodate up to 48 users and lets you network up to 72 sites. Thousands of small businesses worldwide already enjoy SBX IP’s big business benefits, providing professional, responsive communications.

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